Limeshot Design provides a range of integrated marketing services – from branding strategy and design, to building an online presence, eCommerce, social media and advertising. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

  • Website Design

    Website Design

    Choosing a web design company is a tough decision. That’s why we provide integrated website solutions that enable you to scale your website presence from brochure websites to eCommerce, payment gateway integration and web applications.

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    • Custom or Pre-Packaged Designs

      We can create beautiful websites, unique to your business and an integral part of your brand. However, if the time is short or resources are limited we have also developed professional website templates that allow you to get online in no time.

    • Multiple Touch Points

      Talk directly to a designer and benefit from one-on-one consultations, advice and consulting, as well as training before your website goes live.

    • Search Engine Optimised

      All our websites are XHTML compliant and Search Engine Optimised with friendly URLs, search engine friendly techniques such as 301 Permanent Redirects and automated “sitemaps”.

  • Logo Design & Branding


    Developing an effective brand requires experience; work with us and benefit from years of marketing and design experience, as well as a seasoned consultant to help you define your brand.

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    • Define your Values and Value Proposition

      Before developing a brand in a visual sense, you must know exactly who you are as a business. What’s important to you and what’s important to your customers. Let us help you articulate that.

    • Long Term Recognition

      A poor image will last much longer than the memory of the low prices. If there is one thing to really be careful about when setting up a business, that is your brand.

    • Beautiful Designs

      Last but not least, we make your brand beautiful. Your logo will be stunning and versatile across all mediums and in colour, monochrome or reverse. Or we’ll give you your money back.

  • Content Management System


    The Limeshot Online Console is a scalable solution that grows as you grow; if offers website management, automated backup, hosting, email management, eCommerce and web apps and no contract. You can choose to leave us at any time (not that you’ll want to).

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    • Best CMS You’ll Ever Find

      This is quite honestly not an exaggeration; the Limeshot Online Business Console is immensely scalable, offers advanced features like blogging, secure areas, eCommerce, forums, Email campaigns and integrated reporting – and yet it is easy to use and understand.

    • Sophisticated and Scalable

      Build on the Adobe platform, the Limeshot Online Business Console is a mature CMS that can cater to all your website needs and then some. Its Web Apps functionality enables you to build modules to suit your requirements.

    • Safe and Reliable

      The Limeshot CMS offers automated backups and rollback should you wish to revert to a previous version of your content. Your website is always safe from both technical disasters or human error.

  • Twitter and Social Media


    If you found yourself searching the web endlessly for social media icons or Twitter backgrounds that suit your brand, look no more. We have designed literally hundreds of Twitter graphics, even a Twitter app logo.

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    • Twitter Backgrounds

      Optimised for screens of all sizes, featuring your business details and branding. Can include your photograph or a custom illustration, your contact details, information about your business, etc.

    • Twitter Buttons

      Reflecting your brand colours and fonts and preferred sizing. Can be designed to work in conjunction with other social media buttons, or independently.

    • Social Media Buttons

      Designed to work with your website and covering all major (or not so major) social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Mixx, Technorati, Digg, Reddit, etc.

  • Printing


    We love printing. Old-fashioned tricks or new-fangled effects, in monochrome or full colour splendour, on paper, wood, ceramic, plastic or anything else.

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    • Small & Large quantities

      We can print small quantities as well as large or offset or digital offset, CMYK, spot or hexachrome (a six-colour process that includes the usual CMYK inks plus up to two custom inks to match your brand).

    • Special Effects

      Letterpress. Spot UV. Foil Stamping. Embossing. Die cut. Round corners. Decals. Static stickers. Plastic, wood or metal business cards. Enough said.

    • Eco Printing

      Limeshot can print on 100% post-consumer recycled stock, with fully-degradable soy inks, for chic collateral that doesn’t affect the environment.