Limeshot is a Sydney-based graphic design practice founded by Ema Hoffmann, a MBA-qualified marketing consultant, with more than 15 years experience in marketing and design. I hold a firm belief that good design should fulfill a purpose and tell a story. From logo design to full branding work and marketing paraphernalia, the narrative thread should engage the end customer and give a voice to a brand.

And so I set out to create designs that mean something and are based not only on aesthetic principles or marketing strategy but on a deep understanding of who the client is, and what they stand for.

Limeshot Values


Quite simply, being the best, work with the best, and provide the best experience for all clients.


Create a collaborative environment for all projects; clients are invited to participate as an integral part of the critical decision-making process.


Striving to do the right thing, regardless of the situation.


Minimising the impact on the environment as much as possible by limiting unnecessary printing & waste, offsetting our carbon emissions and supporting a range of environmental initiatives.