On Kindness: A beautiful animation

on January 4th, 2012

Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a bestselling children’s book author and modern day philosopher. In this beautiful video, she touches on day to day life, Western philosophy and Eastern spirituality, making a compelling case for our inherent propensity for kindness.

Via the awesome Brainpickings.org

2 Responses to “On Kindness: A beautiful animation”

  1. Love the animation! So wonderful and thank you Thippi for sharing it with our Facebook community this morning! What a nice way to start the day.
    P.S. Every day 9 million people all across the globe share a birthday. Imagine if even a fraction of those people celebrated the day they were born by giving back to someone else, doing something kind for another person, either randomly or intentionally. What a difference that would make and how much more meaningful would our birthdays actually become? We are The Birthday Project..changing the world, one birthday at a time.

  2. Thippi says:

    LOVE this animation! Thank you so much for sharing this…I’ve shared with as many people as I can! Have you heard of “The Birthday Project?” It’s all about doing random acts of kindness on your birthday, instead of getting gifts for yourself, you’re leaving random acts of kindness for others…check it out, I’ll share your site there as well :) I’m so happy to see beautiful works of art with meaningful messages!