Important update: Card Scheme Compliance Rules Notification

on June 20th, 2012

For all clients with a payment gateway website: please be informed there are new rules for eCommerce merchants regarding the CVN/CVV2, which is the 3 or 4-digit security number on a credit card.

On the 1st of April, Visa and MasterCard mandated that all online transactions must include the CVN/CVV2 from the credit card being used. By now your merchant bank should have been in contact to advise you of the required changes. This mandate is now being enforced, and non-compliant merchants are being contacted to ensure their website is updated to capture this field.

Transaction impacts

If you are currently processing transactions without capturing the CVN/CVV2, you need to update your website to make this a required field on your payment form. In the near future, transactions processed without CVN/CVV2 data will be rejected by the gateway.

What you need to do

Your “Credit card processing” field under Site Manager – Web Forms should already include the CCV field. If that is not the case please get in touch as soon as possible to allow us to fix this for you.

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