Google releases new HTML and CSS coding guide

on May 3rd, 2012

On May 2nd, the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog has released an update to their HTML & CSS coding guidelines doc. Several notable recommendations below.

Google Code Guidelin title=

Notable Code Recommendations

  1. Code in HTML5. This one was to be expected. You can trust Google to push for the latest standard.
  2. Use shorthand whenever possible; quite in keeping with the Google obsession with minimal code.
  3. Provide ALT content for images – this is actually quite old, but it’s good to see it is still relevant to might Google. At least we know all that work tagging individual images does not go to waste.
  4. se 3 character hexadecimal notation where possible – again, an older one, still in the same vein of minimise code as much as possible
  5. Interestingly enough, they recommend separating words in ID and class names by a hyphen rather than underscore. Oh, hardcore developers must love this one – and SEOs will have a little gig of joy.

There’s quite a few more of course, but I’ll leave them to you to peruse at leisure. Links to the quoted resources below.


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