Bauer’s Family Tree of Printing Types

on January 20th, 2012

Gorgeous bit of type history discovered on Imprint: In 1937, on the 100th anniversary of the founding of The Bauer Type Foundry in 1837, the firm issued “Bauer’s Family Tree of Printing Types.” It’s a whimsical, slightly inaccurate and completely gorgeous work of art, a rare treat for any typography aficionado. I just love how you can visually follow the history of type.

tree of type Bauers Family Tree of Printing Types
tree of type2 Bauers Family Tree of Printing Types


  1. Images source: Imprint.
  2. To read more and see more scans and close-ups (including the associated text – it was a book, after all) please visit “Tree of Type — Imprint: The Online Community for Graphic Designers”

One Response to “Bauer’s Family Tree of Printing Types”

  1. Such a beautiful resource! I really do wish I could have one on my wall. Thank you for sharing!