Dribbble Invite Givaway

on March 4th, 2011

Update: a Dribbble invite is on its way to Andreea Stancovici! It was really tough to pick someone, I had no idea what I was in for! So congrats Andreea and thanks for playing, everyone.

Dribbble is a show and tell community for creative types; designers, developers and other creatives share shots—small screenshots of the designs and applications they are working on. It’s invite only, which brings me to the topic of today’s post.

dribbble givaway march2011 Dribbble Invite Givaway

One Dribbble Invite for You

Having been drafted myself by the lovely Heiko Klingele I have now one invite to give away. Tried browsing the Prospects list, but I haven’t fallen in love with anyone’s work, so I’m opening this one up to you.

To be considered for this invite

1. Join me on Dribbble by signing up as a Prospect here.
2. Leave a comment below with your Dribbble handle and the reasons why you want to be on Dribbble.
3. Include 1 link to your best piece of work or your portfolio is your work is really varied.
4. Re-tweet this: “Dribbble Invite Giveaway – http://lime.mx/haGDDG (via @limeshot)

Now at Dribbble one’s draftees show up forever under one’s account, so please don’t hate me if I’ll have to be really picky! Good luck, everyone!


15 Responses to “Dribbble Invite Givaway”

  1. Thomas Otto says:

    Hi, I receive today an invite for dribbble. Please delete my entry :)


  2. Thank you so much!
    I just received the invite. I hope I can put it in good use!
    Thank you again!,

  3. Thomas McGee says:

    Dribbble Name:
    There are two main reasons I’m going for a Dribbble invite:
    1. Better exposure to my work and
    2. Good feedback from the design community

  4. Sebastjan says:

    Hey, i would need one invite :)
    here is some of my works http://www.sebaboss.com/samples
    Check links to see work :)


  5. David says:

    Dribbble name: davidklein
    Portfolio: http://dkoated.com
    Reason for Invite:
    I’d love to show my work, get feedback on it and interact with the greatest designers. It’s not a status invite for me, I’d like to participate actively, better my work and make new friends there ;) You won’t be disappointed in having me as your invitee.

  6. Thomas Otto says:

    Hi folks, I would like to be on dribbble because I would like to give and receive some good quality feedback to become better in I what I love to do, designing! My best piece of work, woh ok I thinks its my own blog/portfolio website http://www.i-lovedesign.de.

  7. Almog Koren says:

    I really want a Dribble invite been trying to get one for a long time my handle is almogdesign. My portfolio is very different as I do projects form touch screens interactive games and websites – http://www.almogdesign.net/portfolio/


  8. Hi, thank you for the opportunity! I would love to get an invite to Dribbble, as a matter of fact I’m in love with this site, it’s such a great source of inspiration. I’d love to be a part of this, to share my work and receive valuable feedback.

    This is my portfolio: http://andreeastancovici.com/portfolio.php
    Dribbble account: http://dribbble.com/Andreea

    Thank you!

  9. Arnold says:

    As with Behance, I’d love the opportunity to network with great designers, share ideas, draw inspiration and build relationships across the Interwebs. I follow you on two Twitter accounts — one professionally (@StandUP4Design) and the other personally (@arnolddelacruz). I founded Design Democracy, a social network for creatives, as a way to bridge the gap between professional, ethical design and the masses; the focus is on education through inspiration.

  10. Dribbble name: ampersandrea
    Portfolio: ampersandrea.com
    Reason why I want to be on dribbble: I want to be inspired and I’m looking for constructive criticism to elevate my work.