Colour Vision Test

on August 25th, 2011

Via the Pantone Facebook page, I found this little gem: an online colour vision test that mimics the Farnsworth D-100 sorting test (only this one has 88 chips instead of 100).

It’s good fun – and if you ever wanted to know how accurate your colout vision is, you should give it a go. I had my colour vision tested a couple of times the traditional way, using Farnsworth D-100 in an ophthalmologist’s cabinet, and scored 100% accuracy, same as in this test. I reckon this little online version is pretty close to the real thing.

Go to colour vision test.

colour test1 Colour Vision Test

This is what the Colour Test Screen looks like.

colour test result Colour Vision Test

Colour Test Results – Yep, I got a perfect score.

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