Wicked Ad and Packaging

on May 20th, 2010

Inspired by the body art phenomenon that is sweeping the globe, WICKED is an all new energy drink combining tattoo attitude with caffeine and taurine; it comes in a gorgeous packaging and with a wicked, wicked commercial featuring a pole-dancing geisha, animated body art and Tomb Raider-like action.

The Packaging

wicked box Wicked Ad and Packaging
wicked can Wicked Ad and Packaging
Before WICKED grabs the taste buds, its packaging ‘skin’ – an Asian inspired dragon tattoo – catches the eye, thanks to the talents of renowned Sydney tattoo artist Kian Forreal.

About Kian

kian Wicked Ad and PackagingKian Forreal has spent the last 10 years of his extensive 16 year career tattooing all over the world studying with some of the finest artists around. The first 6 years of his career were spent learning the ropes of tattooing in the street shops of his home country Canada. Originally from Toronto he tattooed coast to coast before leaving for Europe and then embarking on the journey to Australia to work at Inner Vision in Surry Hills in 2008 and now after more than 16 years of solid tattooing and commercial art he is making Sydney his home base. Kian prefers to tattoo in the traditional Japanese style utilizing the body as a canvas to create flowing, dynamic tattoos on half and full arms, chests, backs and legs.

An Interview with Kian about Wicked

The Commercial

To launch Wicked, the latest energy drink to hit the market, creatives Sharon Little and Mel Coenen-Eyre teamed up with producer Julia Jackson to form a dedicated agency for P&N Beverages entitled ’7,9,11′. The team approached Resolution Design with the idea of making iconic tattoo designs come to life and cause a chain reaction of wickedness on a guy’s body thanks to a drop of Wicked.

The outcome? A wicked, wicked ad.

Download the Wallpapers

wicked art Wicked Ad and Packaging
Liked Kian’s art? You can download the wallpapers (at various resolution sizes) from http://www.wickedenergy.com.au/downloads

Read More

The Product: http://www.wickedenergy.com.au/product
Resolution Design Sydney: http://www.resolutiondesign.com.au

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  1. Is this energy drink new or is it just a new design for the can?