Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton

on August 5th, 2010

One of the most elaborate typefaces I’ve seen, Phaeton is a beautiful font with hidden gems of beauty everywhere. The font’s nearly 600 characters includes a large number of alternates, ornaments, decorative banners, picto-glyphs, swash capitals, and 49 wordmark glyphs for ‘and,’ ‘the,’ ‘with’ etc. All characters are hand-drawn (and you can see it). Screenshots included – and you’ll see why Phaeton makes me shiver with type lust. I know, I get turned on by fonts. I’m weird that way.


Please note Veer has closed down and the website has been taken over by iStock. This font cannot be purchased anymore. I am very annoyed about Veer closing down and iStock deleting all the wonderful Veer resources; I can’t find any other place to buy Phaeton from but for anyone interested in buying it I would suggest you contact the designer, Kevin Cornell, via his website. The link is http://www.v5.bearskinrug.co.uk/_articles/2009/07/08/phaeton/

The story

Randy Jones, designer of Olduvai, has teamed up with illustrator Kevin Cornell to create this gorgeous new font family. Phaeton, like Olduvai, evokes the freshness and uniqueness of hand-drawn type, yet allows for easy typesetting. A high-waisted, condensed serif face with a distinct Victorian flavor.

The Font

sample Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton
ampersand2 Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton
wordmark glyph Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton
ligature Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton
pictoglyph Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton
ampersand Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton
k Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton

Where to buy it

At Veer.com, of course. This is the page you’re after: Phaeton Font by Umbrella Type.
Did I buy it, you ask? Yes I did.

About the designers

Randy Jones is California-based freelance graphic designer and principal of Aquatoad Design. Having learned to draw letters under the guidance of the Ed Benguiat at School of Visual Arts, he now spends much of his time hunched over his Mac adjusting kerning pairs. Randy would like to thank his family for being patient with his type neurosis, which frequently disrupts social outings via spontaneous font commentary. You can find out more about him at www.aquatoad.com

Kevin Cornell is an illustrator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He maintains the websites www.bearskinrug.co.uk and www.thesuperest.com, both of which feature a variety of hand-drawn sample type. The majority of his time is spent producing books, the most recent being a graphic novel version of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which greatly influenced the creation of Phaeton.

3 Responses to “Gorgeous Victorian Font: Phaeton”

  1. Matt McRae says:

    This is such a beautiful font! The amount of glyphs you get is amazing for the price. The amount of work they have put into this font is insane. I understand the author when he says he got a bit damp over this, I did too haha, it’s just gorgeous. Go buy it!!

  2. chung says:

    I love it!

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