Ad of the Day: Australian Childhood Foundation, ‘Invisible’

on August 12th, 2010

According to the Australian Childhood Foundation’s website, neglect accounted for 30 per cent of reported child abuse cases in Australia in 2006-7, although many children suffer a combination of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The Foundation stresses that it’s the role of adults to learn how to notice and report child abuse – and so the Australian Childhood Foundation has once again partnered with advertising agency JWT to create a unique outdoor advertising campaign to raise awareness of neglect as a form of child abuse. JWT won the Bronze Lion at Cannes Outdoor Lions 2010 for this campaign.

Entitled Invisible the installations are located at popular sites around Sydney CBD and feature a bill poster pasted over a child-sized mannequin. The installations have been positioned at various sites around the city including Haymarket, George Street and Taylor Square.

invisible3 thumb Ad of the Day: Australian Childhood Foundation, ‘Invisible’

“This idea is a graphic dramatization of the neglect these children face at home, by the general public and, in this case, even by the person putting up the poster,” says Richard Muntz, Executive Creative Director of JWT.

invisible1 thumb Ad of the Day: Australian Childhood Foundation, ‘Invisible’

Equally impactful was the second layer of the installation: when the mannequin was ripped out of the billboard (unavoidable vandalism), a second message was revealed: “Thank you for seeing me”.

invisible2 thumb Ad of the Day: Australian Childhood Foundation, ‘Invisible’

You can see the installations and the reactions in the video below (courtesy of

Stop Child Abuse

To read more about this campaign (and perhaps even do something to help, if you can) click here.


Advertising Agency: JWT, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Richard Muntz
Art Director: Keith Nicolas
Copywriter: Scott Glennon


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