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on January 15th, 2009

I have been trying for a while now to finish writing a beginner’s guide to Twitter; I suppose I will finish it, some day, but I realised it was quickly becoming a list of links to various applications and resources.

So in the meanwhile I thought I should just offer those here, as a reference sheet for your convenience.

Twitter resources on

Well, obviously I have to start by blowing my own horn.

Twitter resources on the web


Twitter search and monitoring

  • Twitter Search – the official search engine; comes with advanced options as well. This is the base for all the other monitoring/search tools out there and as such a good place to start.
  • Monitter - monitor the twitter world for a set of up to 3 keywords and watch what people are saying, in real time.
  • TwitScoop – monitor what’s hot, chosen keywords or users
  • UseQwitter – be informed when people stop following you (I don’t want to know, personally, but if you really want to feel rejected this is a good tool).
  • FriendorFollow – this tool tells you who you’re following that’s not following you back, and who’s following you that you’re not following back. Should be a Twitter default function in my opinion.

Popularity contest tools

  • TwitterGrader – measures the power of a user profile. Rank provided as a percentile. It is normalised and as such it has become tougher and tougher to get a high grade as the Twitter user base has expanded. Also provides local and global elite user lists.
  • RetweetRank – ranks your user profile based on how often your posts get retweeted. I’m doing really bad, I just got a 0 percentile grade. Hm…

Random, funny apps

Best of the lot in my opinion…

  • TwitSnip – a bookmarklet for easy posting to Twitter. It lets you “quote” text on any web page. It does nifty things like looking up the @user for the website and linking back to the source. It shortens the URL too. It even tries to shorten the length of the tweet (when needed) using a twitabulary of short words. Love this one, very useful for twittering about blogs or other social media sites with proper attribution.
  • TwitterKeys – they give you a lot of UTF8 characters in a little bookmarklet, that you can copy and paste in your Twitter posts (TwitterDeck users: enable International Fonts first, under Settings)
  • Flip my Text – flips any text upside down then you can copy and paste it into Twitter or anywhere else. It’s rather amusing trying to read it afterward…
  • SecreetTweet – tweet your secrets anonymously! Have a crush on the boss and need to tell the world (then hope he’s somehow find out)? This is the way to do it.
  • FollowCost – I really like this one; it tells you how annoying would it be to follow a given user. For example how many updates per day, how many of those are about politics and how many are @ replies. I seem to have way too many replies, gotta stop, gotta stop! Anyway, it also comes with a bookmarklet.

Twitter directories, information and how-to websites

More and more are showing up on the web, but these are a few I find useful:

  • The official Twitter API wiki – invaluable if you are trying to build a Twitter app of any sort, do some data mining, or monitor keywords and trends without using a third party app.
  • JustTwitIt – Twitter user directory, by industry and location. Very useful for finding new friends.
  • TwitterApps – very comprehensive list of Twitter applications. Lots and lots of them. Take it with a grain of salt and don’t give out your username and password to all of them.
  • TwitTown – a bit more technical, offers reviews of Twitter applications, plugins and hacks, some very quirky indeed.

Feel free to suggest additions to this list, and if they are relevant in my opinion I’ll add them here.

9 Responses to “Twitter Resources”

  1. I have issues with Twitter – I’ve never really got into it but it seems like such a time sucker. I dont think I’m alone in that opinion either – maybe you could have a section in your beginners guide on “how not to waste all your time on Twitter”! ;)

  2. Holy cow, I can’t believe there is that many twitter resource sites. I used plurk, but didn’t like it as much as twitter. Besides, after a while you end up spending all of your time on these types of sites instead of your own!

    Charles´s last blog post: Looking at the Las Vegas Real Estate Market site: [site]

  3. DesignNerd says:

    Great and helpful post. Thought i would come and visit your site to say another little thankyou :)

    DesignNerd´s last blog post: WordPress Themers Rejoice! Preview WP themes in Dreamweaver! site: [site]

  4. mike bayern says:

    So, Do you use plurk?
    I am looking for such a guide,
    I also use twitter, so I am pleased,

    Thank you very much

  5. Ryan says:

    This is a really great collection of resources for Twitter. I couple up there I am familiar with although there are a couple I am checking out as we speak :)

    Ryan´s last blog post: Why You Should Grow Your Own Produce site: [site]

  6. Wow, what a great list of Twitter resources! The one I’m going to check out first is the Twitter directory for finding people by industry/location – that would definitely help!

    Chelle´s last blog post: 10 Reasons Nobody Is Reading Your Real Estate Blog site: [site]

  7. Thanks for the badges and the links, I’m just getting to grips with how Twitter can really work and this resource is really going to help.

  8. I never knew there could be this much apps for twitter. I thought it was cooling off a bit late last year with the arrival of Plurk but it looks like Twitter is still very hot today. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Some great resources in your list – but I’d love to read your beginners guide cos I never really got to grips with Twitter. I found it a little intrusive to keep receiving messages tellig me that so-and-so was eating breakfast on the train etc.

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