Stencil art: Incredible C215

on September 8th, 2009

French graffiti artist C215 aka Christian Guémy is travelling the streets of the world, leaving a mark of his journey in a host of unlikely places: decayed buildings, broken boundary walls, rusty rickshaws, rubbish bins. His work can be found in US, Brazil, Israel, Morocco, Poland, France, England, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

Christian’s images are solitary faces and figures, captivating in their loneliness. “Street art is like surfing” he says. “You have to travel to experience new situations, new contexts and new people. I love to place my characters in abandoned buildings. They inhabit those places like ghosts, they underline the life that once was there”.

If you’d like to read more about Christian and see more of his art please scroll down to the references section at the bottom of this article. And without further ado, this is Christian’s world of decay and art.

The Stencils


- C215′s Flickr profile including several interviews and a large selection of his work.
- Myspace page
- Painting is on the wall – Interview with C215 in Express India
- Artist profile on YouTube

5 Responses to “Stencil art: Incredible C215”

  1. Amazing artworks … I wouldn’t have the guts to do something like that – imagine, you’re lovingly creating a piece of art to give pleasure to the world, and some busy-body council guy comes along, tells you off, and you end up on graffiti-removing duty…!

    I wonder how many of Guémy’s creations have bitten the dust like that…?

  2. I like them a lot, but how does he make a living? Does he get paid, probably

  3. Brad Harvey says:

    These are incredible.
    .-= Brad Harvey´s last blog ..Flushing Financial director dishes Clason Point home =-.

  4. Paul says:

    These are incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I like the detail in the faces of his art and for his reasons for painting on old abandon surfaces.