Logo design: Very cool logos from Los Logos 4

on March 5th, 2009

It’s finally here: my new Amazon-ordered, eagerly-awaited Los Logos 4. 519 pages of really cool logos, selected and published by Gestalten in September 2008.

Logo trends in Los Logos

  1. Type: classical logos, type-centric, with touches of Arabic calligraphy, heavy-metal type angular typefaces and an element of grunge to break the sometimes blocky typography. Graffiti fonts used on large scale.
  2. Classics: central picture motif, complemented by typography. Never quite out of style. Lots of coat of arms inspiration.
  3. Basics: basic forms, geometric symbolism, primary colours. As per Gestalten, “entirelly in the spirit of 1920′s Russian Constructivist poster design and Banhaus classical modernism”.
  4. Geometry: primarily patterns and perspective. Optical illusion. 3D logos.
  5. Spatial: Hybrid forms and collages of digital typography and analogue elements added to logos or logos made up of photographed installations.
  6. Illustration: vector illustration is the big trend I can see in Los Logos, be it Brazilian style street art-inspired logos, type/illustration mixes or really complex pictorials.
  7. Getting your work featured

    In case you were wondering, they way to potentially get your logo in their annual logo review book is to submit several examples of your work and list your profile in their designer database.

    And without further ado, my favourite logos in this edition – they are in no particular order:


    zooyork Logo design: Very cool logos from Los Logos 4.

    Ilha de Cajaiba

    ilha Logo design: Very cool logos from Los Logos 4
    by the wonderful Adhemas Batista.

    Style is the key to all forms of rockin’

    Transparent Face

    Wissam Shawkat’s logo work

    horse Logo design: Very cool logos from Los Logos 4
    This and the ones below are by Wissam Shawkat; based in Dubai, his calligraphy-based work is precise and beautiful beyond description.
    horse2 Logo design: Very cool logos from Los Logos 4

    Fasan Afghanische Spezialitated

    fasan Logo design: Very cool logos from Los Logos 4
    Fasan Afghanische Spezialitated logo, by 3deluxe.

    10th Dimension

49 Responses to “Logo design: Very cool logos from Los Logos 4”

  1. Pixeljuice says:

    The second logo “Ilha de Cajaiba” is remarkable, almost crosses the boundary from a logo to simply being art.

  2. hana says:

    the Wissam Shawkat logos
    are a form of Arabic Calligraphy
    that is very popular in middle eastern art.
    If you look search “arabic calligraphy” on google
    you will find some beautiful fine art as well as graphic designs


  3. They are really lovely i really liked the horse one created with black linings, although they are all great. P

  4. web design says:

    Ilha de Cajaiba – i extremely liked this one.
    designing point of view they are excellent, but are these really really logos?
    logos are generally small, simpler and to the point.

  5. really beautiful i really loved the horse one created with black linings

  6. Calligraphy is a very precious art. Wonderful work. I love the designs by Wissam Shawkat and I’ve seen them before as well but others are new to me. The second best for me is Ilha de Cajaiba. Hope you post more logos from this book but thank you for sharing them.

  7. Really liked that 2nd one. BTW, some very nice work in your portfolio.

    David\\\´s last blog post: Free Fluid WordPress Themes and CSS Templates site: [site]

  8. Reisefreund says:

    the rocking style logo is so cool, with alot different kind of object build an big logo.

  9. Broadband says:

    They all look brilliant. I like the horse style, looks like hebrew letters or something like that and it looks like the horse i.e free.

  10. Biofreund says:

    i like the one with the bird, these iregular lines making an bird kinda cool.

    Biofreund\\\´s last blog post: Rockband für Events und Hochzeit site: [site]

  11. Extremely cool designs! I especially love the calligraphy designs.

  12. Not all are that usable but they ARE however very inspirational. :)

  13. johnmilton says:

    Pretty nice list,Thanks for taking the time for research and posting them on the web it might have taken a while in doing this.
    Of all the logos, i like the ’10th dimension’ logo looks simple and colorful.

  14. Reisefan says:

    the 10th dimesion looks very cool, these effects and colors are so harmony.

  15. The Shawkat stuff is indeed beautiful. However, if there are supposed to be intelligible letterings embedded therein, I’m not seeing it.

    It’s always a delicate balance between art and functionality…

    • hana says:

      the Shawkat calligraphy is actually in arabic
      but I agree that, depending on the length of the word or the complexity of
      the design, even native arabic speakers have trouble reading what the word is.


  16. MarmorFan says:

    the logos with the horse looks kinda cool, from these random lines making an horse is cool.

  17. love japan says:

    wow, great logos! I really like “10th Dimension” most. It is charming!

    love japan\\\´s last blog post: 28 Things to be Happy about site: [site]

  18. mail list says:

    I love the logo’s I think the chicken is my favorite. Good logos.

  19. i prefer the last logo , the colors are cool and the style is simple but looks still cool.

  20. Eraserve AP says:

    I love the 10th Dimension one. The Hot pink really sets off the black fonts. It is an eye catcher.

    Eraserve AP\\\´s last blog post: Is it better to have One Table or More? site: [site]

  21. ReiseFan says:

    the logo with the bird looks great, the different colors and the form of the brid is so special. i made one for my own and the result isn’t bad. thanks for the tutorial.

  22. This book looks like a wonderful piece of design inspiration. Any chance of a few more sneak peeks until I can afford to buy it? ;)

  23. I really like the Zoo York logo. ZY definitely has a lot of creative juices.

  24. I like the Style “is the key to all forms of rockin” design. A very nice mix of colors.

  25. I agree with you on the calligraphy logos by Wissam Shawkat – absolutely stunning, and very unusual. Thanks for sharing – I might pick up a copy of this book if the company agrees to pay!

  26. Urlauber says:

    i prefer the “Style is the key to all forms of rockin’” logo because there are many elements formed to one big logo, thats specially and i like the form of the logo.

  27. jocuri says:

    nice logo design!

  28. jim says:

    the zoo logo looks interesting.

    jim\\\´s last blog post: Fotoalben für Hochzeit & mehr site: [site]

  29. i prefer the last one , the colors are cool and kinda simple but an nice logo.

    Hubert\\\´s last blog post: Fotoalben für Hochzeit & mehr site: [site]

  30. zubeit says:

    i like the last one , the one with pink and the 10. its simple but still nice so i like the simple form and style.

    zubeit\\\´s last blog post: Websitegestaltung site: [site]

  31. i like the horse style, looks like hebrew letters or somehing like that and it looks like the horse ie free.

    paule\\\´s last blog post: Cabernet-Sauvignon site: [site]

  32. I’m for the 10th dimension picture. :)

  33. andy@wein says:

    the 3rd looks kinda cool, its retro style and the colors are harmony

    andy\\\´s last blog post: Cabernet-Sauvignon site: [site]

  34. Quite striking. I often wonder if some of the most beautiful, most striking logos are brought about by some sort of deep subconscious processes, even channeling. Great.

  35. The 2nd one, “Ilha de Cajaiba”. Full of colours..

    Sugicloud\\\´s last blog post: Monarch Espresso Bed Frame Leather site: [site]

  36. Ilha de Cajaiba is awesome. Others are good too.

  37. I like the transparent face one.

    I think it’s the “grunginess” of it

  38. these are some pretty cool logos. i love the bird design. Not only is it a nice logo but the detail makes it also look like a great graphic example.

  39. The 10th dimension logo is my fave from your faves. I tend to find text based logos more attractive and somehow more user friendly. I shall be checking out this book on your recommendation.

    Gary\\\´s last blog post: Gatwick Parking – Weekend stays – £13.95 site: [site]

  40. VoteAudrey says:

    Shawkat’s work is phenomenal.

    VoteAudrey\\\´s last blog post: VoteAudrey STA World Travel Intern 2009 site: [site]

  41. i like the designs, especially the calligraphy stunt is good

    Homebase Furniture\\\´s last blog post: The Garden Store Garden Centres site: [site]

  42. Loren Howard says:

    I like all the Designs but the second one Ilha de Cajaiba is so awesome.

  43. I think my favorites are the zoo york and the one by sell out industries the best. Sounds like a neat book :)

    Chelle\\\´s last blog post: How to Read Guitar Tabs site: [site]

  44. I like the Adhemas Batista design very much.

  45. anton@party says:

    i like the 2nd one named Ilha de Cajaiba , cool colors and cool logo.