Logo design – BizTweet

on July 9th, 2009

Logo project for BizTweet, a business-centric Twitter product that provides a collaborative Twitter integration system for Joomla! websites. It is ideal for companies that use Twitter on a company-wide scale, with multiple users posting to the company Twitter account.

BizTweet features

  • Setup search criteria so that website visitors can check and keep watch on the latest Twitter posts for your desired seach terms.
  • Users can define up to three of their own search terms to watch, right from the website
  • Users Twitter details are securely stored ensuring maximum data encryption security to protect Twitter access details.
  • Permission settings let you determine what user groups have the ability to post a Tweet using BizTweet.
  • Displays own and friends’ timeline and replies for the company Twitter account, on one page on the company website

BizTweet required two logos, for the lite and Pro versions of the product. And I had very much fun and the opportunity to do some illustration work.

Initial concepts

The brief was for a very clean and simple illustration. As such, some of the initial concepts were fairly corporate in the approach:

biztweet initial Logo design   BizTweet

However, a full colour bird illustration below proved to be more representative for what is essentially a web 2.0 product. The final logo incorporated the Twitter bird and a web 2.0 look.

The final product: BizTweet Pro

biztweet logo Logo design   BizTweet

BizTweet Lite

biztweet logo lite Logo design   BizTweet

For more information on BizTweet and to see it in action: http://www.jtips.com.au/biztweet.html

19 Responses to “Logo design – BizTweet”

  1. They are pretty cool logos, not the cheap looking ones you usually find, great job man.

  2. I love the logos, but especially the differences between the Pro and Lite versions.

  3. Kev!n says:

    Nice color and background. Thanx!

  4. top pictures says:

    nice logos…………..

  5. Photoshopper says:

    Aww..they look so beautiful!
    Thanks for em! Will surely try to create something that looks similar…lol…way to go…for a newbie like me..wonderful job! Keep it up.

  6. Really nice – the web is aflutter (sorry) with twitter bird logos and this one holds its own. I do like the visual difference between lite and pro versions – but I think including the word “lite” would have been better for the client’s business model (eg a clearer reminder that they are using a cut down version). Also I’m not sure about the strapline “explore your cloud”, but I’m assuming that was the client’s brief!
    .-= john@logo design´s last blog ..Car Logo Design =-.

  7. I am a big fan of Twitter myself, so this is something that I will look into. Personally, I don’t understand why people argue with the fact that Twitter is a fantastic marketing tool, especially when there are things like Biztweet available. They are missing out!

  8. Actually, quite an effective logo. I like the cleanliness and “simplicity” of it.

  9. Nick Jag says:

    The full color bid is really great, excellent job! Very web 2.0ish :)
    .-= Nick Jag´s last blog ..Twitter Bot and Marketing =-.

  10. I like the lite version better because of the simplicity.
    .-= Ryan@Pennyfieds´s last blog ..Luxury North GA Cabin Rental =-.

  11. I love the logos, but especially the differences between the Pro and Lite versions.

  12. Ah, I’ve never really worked with Illustrator before. Still looks good though.

  13. Great design! I particularly like the background – looks a bit tribal-ish :-)

  14. I like what you did with it. Looks really good. I really wish I was better at Photoshop sometimes. Did you design the full color bird?

  15. The final logo doesn’t have ‘clouds’ anywhere (except probably sky color in background), I like the shades on bird’s body and wings but I still think a flying bird among clouds may have made more sense.

    Saw some your logos in the logopond contest, I wonder if you have a B&W logo related to twitter business.

  16. Clean and bright, and not childishly cartoonish. You did a great job!
    .-= heidi@chef recipes´s last blog ..Asian Chicken Salad =-.

  17. Eric says:

    I really like the logo ideas they have come out with.
    .-= Eric´s last blog ..Jul 9, Pluto – Powerful Transformations! =-.