Limeshot – now on logopond

on July 11th, 2009

Just a quick update this time: I have started uploading some of my logos on – a wonderful logo-centric site that showcases absolutely amazing talent.

The link of my logo design showcase is: If you stop by your votes, floats and comments will be very much appreciated.

And a “best of logopod” post is due very soon – there are quite a few logos and designers I just can’t wait to talk about. Stay tuned, and keep well!

40 Responses to “Limeshot – now on logopond”

  1. Everything looks good to me. Can’t wait to use them.
    .-= Ken @ Best Tooth Whitening´s last undefined ..If you register your site for free at =-.

  2. All looking pretty good, in particular Cafe Royal. I’ve been through a dozen logo designers over the past 2 years and still not found a good one, funny how you always like logos when they are for other people!

  3. They are all very impressive logos. I noticed your links are no longer no follow. Any reason behind this?

  4. The Futurestream Interactive looks totally awesome!
    Good luck in “the pond” ;)
    .-= kasper@søgemaskineoptimering´s last blog ..Du er mere synlig end du tror =-.

  5. I like the Cafe Royal. It look like a crown and also look like a mug. It really match with the name itself.

  6. I like the cafe royal logo the best. It really stands out and fits in with the theme of the business very well. They are all good though.

  7. Hi,
    Very nice post.I am looking your logos on the following url but i didn’t get any option for vote.I wish that you win the contest.
    Thanks for the sharing.

  8. I vote for the 1st logo. It was so creative and elegant as well.
    .-= Ron@Boracay Hotels´s last blog ..Microtel Inn Suites Boracay Hotel =-.

  9. always tired says:

    Amazing logos! :D I vote for the second one, it has nice CAFE text and it draws a cup! I also like the FutureStream with Black F and white S.

  10. logopond fan says:

    I have been on logopond myself for a while now, we can network.

  11. Good to see you post on here again – logopond looks like a fab site, will def be checking it out.

    Your portfolio on there is as always 1st class. I particularly like the Bright Lights logo – the visual concept is perfect and I hope your client is happy with it!
    .-= john@logo design´s last blog ..Car Logo Design =-.

  12. I’m glad to see this because I had a bad experience contracting logos from someone on Elance, where they did a job that I could have done myself. These look really fantastic, so I would have much preferred your work.

  13. Nice logos..What i liked in this blog is the versatility of the logos, all are not the same and everyone has got there own appearance and uniqueness. The cafe royal is presented fabulously, and the colors of bright light and 21.02.09 are too good.. you have done a good job :-)

  14. UPrinting says:

    Wow, those are very nice logos. Good job on making them! I love inspiration exchange the most. Thanks for sharing! :)
    .-= UPrinting´s last blog ..Interview with Giulio Costanzo of Firebrain Inc. =-.

  15. Sea Doo Fool says:

    I love the cafe royal logo! I also like the Pulsar logo.

  16. Simon Wilby says:

    I love the royal cafe logo (2nd pic). Really eye catchy.

  17. I really like the cafe logo! It still is kinda simple (even if it was probably a lot of work) but the cup rounds it up.
    .-= College@Greencard Gewinner lotterie´s last blog ..Gewinner der Green Card Lotterie DV 2010 =-.

  18. maxgxl says:

    hi! I like the second one the best. Voted for them :) Goodluck in logopond
    .-= maxgxl´s last blog ..Max is coming to TV! =-.

  19. Logopond is full of talented designers. Congrats on joining up over there it will be good exposure for you.

  20. Wow, you have a really cool bunch of logos. I really like the cafe royal one. How much do you charge for a logo?
    .-= Joseph@FarmTown´s last blog ..Tips for Gameplay =-.

  21. these logos are nice! it can be remembered by just a glance!
    .-= Ryan@Pennyfieds´s last blog ..Luxury North GA Cabin Rental =-.

  22. Skip says:

    You have some great logos in your portfolio. I particularly like the Exchange ones.

  23. I hadnt heard of logopond before, cool site, you have some nice skills. Ive done a little logo design with Illustrator.

  24. Logo Pond is great! The community is real and there are some fantastic logos for inspiration there…

  25. Amaze is my favorite logo… its looks really beautiful..

  26. It seems like take into a lot of details while designing a logo. The logos that you have posted are very interesting i personally liked the usage of blue color for Exchange inspirations, with peacock shades of blues its has given a new dimension to the whole logo….Blue being a cool color with soothing effect is a good choice for the product but i didn’t actually understood the Pulsar, i mean it means speed, does the color blue signifies it?

  27. i loved Amaze, that was awesome one, before this i was using Photoshop to design logo, and believe me that was really boring and time consuming, also i recently published my new blog and i was looking for new stunning logo to make, lemme me try this one, i m sure it won’t be time consuming.
    .-= Mark Slater@healthy lifestyle´s last blog ..Healthy Living: Gaining Maximum Benefits =-.

  28. Always been a big fan of logos. Some can be very interesting. I especially enjoy the logos of minor league baseball teams. If you ever have a few minutes, do some searches.
    .-= carl@land for sale´s last blog ..Texas Land for Sale | Ten Acre Property About 60 Miles Northwest of Marfa =-.

  29. Hey, just happened to come across your site while doing some random browsing. Just wondering, what was your inspiration for the guildart logo?
    Also, thanks for turning me on to logopond. I will def check it out a little more.



    • limeshot says:

      The GuildArt one? Doodling. It’s based on a sketch I was doing while reading about some art gallery based in India and it struck me the outcome might make for a reasonable logo for it. As marked on logopond it was a “just for fun” logo..

  30. I like the Cafe Royal. It look like a crown and also look like a mug. It really match with the name itself.
    .-= Ruri@Free article submission´s last blog ..Healthy Teeth Lead To A Healthy Body =-.

  31. I’m also a big fan of the Amaze. I really appreciate the freebie designs :)

  32. those were good one. i liked Royal cafe logo much, its really lookin awesome.
    .-= Custom term paper´s last blog ..Un astudentessa racconta la propria preparazione agli esami universitari a Bari =-.

  33. SMS Messages says:

    The bright lights logo was just amazing … i loved the color scheme and the overlapping of letters .. wonderful work keep it up

  34. My fav logo in this is Amaze. wonder how it looked tattooed on his arm :)

  35. Sachin Gupta says:

    I liked the cafe royal logo, the cafe part is cleverly designed and you haven’t even forgotten the cup handle :) it’s true you can do a lot with black and white logos (as proven by your last post).

    I couldn’t understand the Unesco mother language day logo and thought it might be related to some pacman game site ;)