Illustration experiment: Dawn over Mount Fuji

on February 7th, 2009

This is what happens when one reads too many books about Hokusai an Hiroshige. One gets in the mood for drawing Mount Fuji. So here you go, a couple hour’s work, my Dawn over Mount Fuji illustration. Click on the thumbnail to see the large version.

Dawn over Mount Fuji wallpaper

You can download the free wallpaper here:

And now I should go back to work I suppose…

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22 Responses to “Illustration experiment: Dawn over Mount Fuji”

  1. Thank you for the wallpaper.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thank you for such a beautiful creation and for allowing us all to use it. So simple but very very effective.

    Thanks again and Best Wishes

  3. Fabulous wall paper! Can’t believe how fast you generated this….will look for more!

  4. cool, it’s beautiful. I like this kind of photos to be my screen background.
    Thanks for sharing :)

  5. At first I was amazed that it only took a couple of hours but when I think of a craftsman or artist and see how quickly they get things done that puts it into perspective. That is a good demo of your skill and artistry.

    A few years I tinkered around with Macromedia tools like illustrator and came to the conclusion that I’m not patient enough or creative but it gave me an appreciation. This things are best left to experts like yourself.

  6. angry birds says:

    That one might be a cool wall paper to try. The ambiance of that image is so scenic; as if you can really appreciate the beauty of nature.

  7. Wow, that is really beautiful and it only took a couple of hours! There is something so serene and peaceful in that piece.

  8. Excellent wallpapers. Thanks

  9. Haha, I’d say pretty good job for an experiment!. I wish I could start creating vector graphics like this one. All I can do at the moment is photo editing with Photoshop. Thanks for the download!

  10. Leo Baringin says:

    A great work i hope i can see the tutorial how to make this awesome wallpapper. Thanks for sharing…

  11. hi, as a somewhat frustrated artist and photographer I found your site an inspiration! I am a self taught graphic artist and have had to learn by my mistakes. However, looking at the pros (like you) is a big help. I do have my limitations which is when I have to call on people like you for help!
    Thanks again.

  12. This is an amazing picture to have finished in a day! I can just about finish one small building kit in a day and it looks nowhere as good as this. Well done

  13. I have never seen Mount Fuji up close, but it looks really great, especially the details in the cherry blossoms. I don’t think I could have come up with that in one day!

  14. Nice illustration! A friend of mine is working on a photoshop image with Fuji and a wave. I am not sure exactly how is seeing it but I cannot wait to get the results.

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  15. Marble Host says:

    That’s great good work-it will be on my desktop in 5 Minutes!
    I was in Tokyo and osaka in november last year and it reignited my passion for Japanese graphic design and all things fishy and raw;)

  16. you did mount fuji and cherry blossom in a couple of hours? it’s beautiful, my favourtie images of Japan and you’ve captured them perfectly.

  17. Ianny Lau says:

    Looks like Hokusai has rubbed some of his magic on you. And that, simply by reading too much about him? Amazing.

    I like Hokusai’s works, too. Short of paying a ransom for his originals, the good news is that you can find good quality reprints of Hokusai online

  18. wow, thanks for sharing! this is going straight on my desktop ;)

  19. limeshot says:

    @Mother Pucker Hockey Yep, I just uploaded a 1440x900px version.

  20. Wow, pretty impressive. And all that in a couple of hours.
    I also like these drawings of mount fiji. They make you dream of illumination.

  21. I like it… any chance of a widescreen version?

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    • Andy Wright says:

      From someone who has no talent when coming to art I really can appreciate the design and at how quickly you managed to create it. great job.