Web design – ANRA

on October 23rd, 2008

Website design and development for Australian National Retailers Association (ANRA). Built on the Business Catalyst platform with custom web apps.

The website uses table-less, CSS-based layouts; functionality includes secure (passport-protected) areas; contact forms; ad rotators; RSS feeds; customer database and email marketing setup.

So here it is, in a few screenshots:

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6 Responses to “Web design – ANRA”

  1. Prue says:

    That’s a really great design ! I looked through your portfolio; and there’s some really good work there. Keep up the good job! Cheers…

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  2. Just had a look through your portfolio; there’s some really good work in there. For the portfolio section, are these modified themes or all from scratch?

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  3. limeshot says:

    Hi Tertius – the site design and coding is my work; the photos are microstock.

  4. Great job. Really.

    Is that stock photos? Or your own work?

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  5. limeshot says:

    Hi Jasper,

    Thanks for the question. The process goes something like this (assuming a site that is of moderate size):

    1. Design stage: 1 week (three initial concepts + refining the selected one)

    2. Coding stage: 1 week (allowing for other work in parallel). At the end of this stage the site IS fully functional as a straight HTML+CSS website.

    3. CMS implementation (templates, forms, secure areas, analytics, other functionality, content population) + client training + post launch monitoring: 2 weeks.

  6. That looks good . . . can I ask how long it takes you to create a site like that that is fully functional?