U Comment, I Follow badges – DoFollow blogs unite!

on August 3rd, 2008

Right click and save. Also see the “Follow me on Twitter” badges.

And as usual, comments are welcome, and sphinns very much appreciated.

You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge
ifollow red U Comment, I Follow badges   DoFollow blogs unite!
ifollow scallops U Comment, I Follow badges   DoFollow blogs unite!
You comment I follow badge
You comment I follow badge

If you are after any particular colour comment below and I’ll try to upload it.

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55 Responses to “U Comment, I Follow badges – DoFollow blogs unite!”

  1. Tyumen says:

    good badges m8

  2. N Quamar says:

    These are really nice badges. I like the idea as well. Thanks for sharing

  3. Todd says:

    This is so cool with those badges and all I am so grateful to find someone who will follow instead of a nofollow

  4. OMG! Love those badges! Thanks for sharing. So impressive.

  5. GReat info!!! this badges are very useful for all us to look for blogs with follow badges.. Thanks a lot

  6. Dzianis says:

    Thanks for the badges, they are nice!

  7. Good taste in badge designs :)

  8. do you think you could use my background for the twitter button and this one as well – please check it out and let me know. Thanks

  9. zilverprijs says:

    Nice badges..thanks!

  10. Fleur says:

    Thanks for this, the pink one is mine! I like comments on my blog, and too many sites around are closing this down…also with Facebook sign-ins as default. I think comments should be the priority, after all this is the fundamental for all blogs and social media.

  11. big discount says:

    very nice badges, i will take one

  12. nice badges! ..thanks for the support!

  13. A. Joseph says:

    Great resources. We need more dofollow blogs! thanks for the support!

    A. Joseph
    Phoenix, az
    Alienware m11x review

  14. Sunil J says:

    Like the logos, but its a bit too small. I am thinking of making my blog dofollow, but still thinking. Is there a good way to find other dofollow blogs?

  15. Thnx for sharing these badges!

  16. Doctor Fish says:

    What a great post. I’ll use your badges.

  17. Bobo says:

    very nice badges .. good work

  18. prowest says:

    Do follow blogs are a great service to all of us so thank you.

  19. Michael says:

    Nice, great that those choosing to be a do follow blog have options to make the logo match with their site design.

  20. Wow, nice badges! I can use one of these to most of my blogs. Thnx a lot!

  21. steve says:

    Great badges. I’m thinking about making my blog dofollow, but I’m a little concerned I will be overrun with spam.

  22. webkinz says:

    Very informative, thanks.

  23. thanks for the icons, only found out what nofollow and dofollow was a few hours ago

  24. k0j0j0j0 says:

    thank you for the nice button…..

  25. laptops says:

    Thanks for the buttons, I’m gonna use the leopard one on my site.

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  26. Paul says:

    Nice work! I’ll use your badges.

  27. cat says:

    I love the you comment i follow badges. I will have to upgrade from what I currently have on my blogs. thanks much.

    cat´s last blog post: Free Coloring Pages site: [site]

  28. Gamer Style says:

    I absolutely love these designs, very clean and professional looking. Dont suppose you fancy making a logo for my site? :)

    (sorry about first comment – copy and paste jumped in and made an ass of me lol)

    Gamer Style´s last blog post: RESIDENT EVIL 5 DEMO ON XBOX LIVE NOW! site: [site]

  29. ideashealth says:

    I will use the green one for my blog. Thank you.

  30. Your badges design are really great, Nice banners to spread love in the community. Thanks for for promoring NO FOLLOW FREE I’m a fan!

  31. Great tips and resources.What a great post.

  32. Nice tags. I’ll take the green one. You should play with the text a bit as well.

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  33. Bonitoo says:

    Orange must be matching my theme… Thanks for sharing..

  34. I will use the blue one for my blog. Thank you.

  35. Oh it’s nice to have some variety in those buttons. Very cool. I’m going to have a hard time just choosing one though=)

  36. Just put the black one up on the MarketSecrets Blog and I’ll use it until I feel a bit more creative…thanx!

    Market Secrets Blogger´s last blog post: Whitehat, Blackhat, and Now Bluehat Techniques! site: [site]

  37. Very cool resource, it looks much better than the pics that usually gets used. Went ahead and stumbled this page, was the first one to do so.

    Harvey´s last blog post: How to Clean Laptop Screen site: [site]

  38. Those are cute designs.. and plenty to choose from to fit one’s blog. =)

  39. Very nice design on the follow badges. I think it will add some flavor to my website.

  40. You badges are very colorful and a welcome change from most I have seen on the internet. It adds a lot more personality to your page.

  41. Timon Weller says:

    Nice u comment images, well done on the design.. :)

  42. These badges you make our cool!

    Patricia Sanders’s last blog post: Being A CNA site: http://squidoosquid.typepad.com/squidoo_squid_jewelsofawe

  43. Hidayah says:

    Hello is nice badge,am put it on my site

    http://usa-peoplesearch.blogspot.com/ thank you so much for the badge.

    Hidayah’s last blog post: Sterling background check site: http://usa-peoplesearch.blogspot.com

  44. Diamond says:

    These are GREAT! Thanks!

    Diamond’s last blog post: Crunch Time site: idreaminpink.wordpress.com

  45. This is really nice badges. I guess its unique too as could seen only blue and black badges, on the blog owner sites. Great work :)

    azar’s last blog post: Work at home or Work from home – A Myth or Reality site: http://www.earncashhome.com

  46. SEOZE says:

    I am always impressed by the generous contribution of people like yourself to the industry. Thank you.

  47. oeoes says:

    that great i will take one of the picture on my blog

  48. Oh yeah, its great, ill take such button on my blogs, the world of bloggers need more linklove ;-)

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  49. Nice work – I like your badges :)

    I took the liberty to take one of yours and put it on my site – http://nicusor.com/documents/i-follow-images/

    nicusor’s last blog post: Funny Monday: Funniest Home Videos 130 site: http://nicusor.com

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