Graphic design resources: Portraits

on September 1st, 2008

These are my favourite images this week; having bought a subscription to for one month and 89 dollars, which covers up to 300 images (isn’t that insanely cheap?!) I have been frantically browsing for good photos and realised that

  1. It’s very difficult to find unusual and beautiful images and
  2. There are plenty of such images that people just don’t find, given the huge amount of time required to sift through thousand of images for that one shot that makes you gasp.

So I decided I’ll shortlist my favourites and post them here, in some sort of logical order. Today the theme is portraits, but I have another 5-6 categories in mind, so stay tuned!

On the logistics side: clicking on the image will take you to the Dreamstime website, where you can buy it. Happy browsing!

Woman looking to her side
© Photographer: Vukvuk | Agency:
© Photographer: Vukvuk | Agency:
African American fashion model
© Photographer: Kaleenakatt | Agency:
Woman with glass red wine
© Photographer: Dpaint | Agency:
Why not
© Photographer: Carlodapino | Agency:
Nude woman with fan.
© Photographer: Iofoto | Agency:
Young woman portrait
© Photographer: Wildcat78 | Agency:
The Little Black Dress
© Photographer: Photoshow | Agency:
Man in a white shirt
© Photographer: Edfoto | Agency:

Blond woman # 18b

© Photographer: Gruizza | Agency:

© Photographer: Mosich | Agency:
Beautiful sad girl
© Photographer: Valuavitaly | Agency:
Vintage bride
© Photographer: Lvnel | Agency:
© Photographer: Poco_bw | Agency:
© Photographer: Vukvuk | Agency:
Hush, it is a secret
© Photographer: Yuri_arcurs | Agency:
Pink rose
© Photographer: Dolgachov | Agency:
Little girl with sunglasses
© Photographer: Creatista | Agency:
Natalia's portrait
© Photographer: Friday | Agency:
Beautiful girl
© Photographer: Dolgikh | Agency:
African girl with hat
© Photographer: Poco_bw | Agency:
Pretty woman
© Photographer: Maxfx | Agency:
African woman
© Photographer: Poco_bw | Agency:
Tough asian guy
© Photographer: Masta4650 | Agency:
Beautiful model with long hair
© Photographer: Alenkasm | Agency:
Young beauty
© Photographer: Ffotograff65 | Agency:
Face of woman with flower
© Photographer: Neoblues | Agency:
Nude woman
© Photographer: Krasphoto | Agency:
Sexy bride
© Photographer: Ffotograff65 | Agency:

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7 Responses to “Graphic design resources: Portraits”

  1. Great images indeed. And thanks for the pointer to Dreamstime. The quality of their imagery is outstanding and will save me a fortune in photography costs so a big thank you

    Wurzel´s last blog post: Bristol Airport Parking – Weekend stays – £26.99 site: [site]

  2. What a great find, thank you! They seem to be cheaper and have more interesting stock than their competitors. Will definitely be setting up an account.

  3. These are all outstanding images – thanks for the heads up. I too like the wine glass holding gal – but they are all really excellent.

  4. Those are gorgeous pictures of gorgeous women. I especially like the one holding the wine glass.

  5. very nice collection very useful for my webdesigns =)

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