Google Chrome Browser countdown: the wait is over

on September 2nd, 2008

The offspring of Google Gears and presumably many Red Bull fueled nights is here:

  • Matt Cutts is twittering and blogging about it;
  • has a page of Google Chrome screenshots;
  • Google has put up an official confirmation, but the link is for the moment returning a 404.
  • The Google Chrome comics book can be downloaded here. UPDATE: not anymore. But blogoscoped offers a much better quality version anyway: Google on Google Chrome.
  • And speculation is rife… still no Mac version. Just a sign up link for Mac users to be informed of the upcoming Mac release (sigh)
  • UPDATE: link to Google Chrome added to the Google main page

By the look of things, there are a few exciting things in store.

My top 5 Google Chrome features:

  1. Open source platform – I can already hear the ooohs and aaahs of the open source community! This builds on the trend already established by the Google API platform. UPDATE: Chromium, he site dedicated to open-sourcing Google Chrome is live at
  2. V8 javascript engine – apparently much more solid than anything provided by current browsers. I’m sure the applications are diverse, but as a web designer, let me take a deep breath and say Hallelujah!
  3. Omnibox – this looks like a combo of the Onebox and the auto-completion feature, but I think it may get a bit more complex than that, integrating web search history, bookmarks, etc. Similar to what Firefox 3 already does, really.
  4. Privacy mode – now this is an interesting one. Clearly, our paranoia has struck a chord with Google, and this is a powerful reply to Internet Explorer 8′s privacy invasions.
  5. Opera style speed dial – so glad about this one, this was the main reason why I fell in love with Opera.

Unfortunately the Mac version will not be available initially, so I don’t think I’ll be able to play with this new toy too soon. In the meanwhile, have a look at Reuters’ video on Chrome:


  • Sergey Brin, one of Google’s founders, on the lack of Mac Chrome: “It’s embarassing”.

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20 Responses to “Google Chrome Browser countdown: the wait is over”

  1. would be interested to know what the market share is of chrome now. it is very similar to firefox

  2. I tried Google Chrome and it’s not bad. I did not that some sites i regularly visit didn’t display exactly right and took quite awhile to load. Unfortunately, I’m so in love with FF, nothing really compares for me anymore.

    The extensions are what does it for me. Chrome has some really neat features and history has shown that Google excels at marketing, so I’m certain it will become much more mainstream over time.

    At the end of the day, I’m still a basic Firefox convert.

  3. @Steve: I’ve read somewhere that the plugin you were asking will be out soon…

  4. Google Chrome far outperforms Firefox!

  5. I guess they are too busy concentrating on the core program to worry about making it customizable via plugins. I think I’m sticking to Firefox for quite a bit longer til they work on Chrome a little more. FF has too many handy plugins that I use on a daily basis.

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  6. I agree with you Tony! Compared to Firefox, Google seems to still be seriously lacking in features. I found the about 5% of the time I was using the browser it was displaying the webpage completely wrong too.

  7. akshob says:

    Google Chrome is a nice browser, I used to use it. Its fast and has many features.
    Nice features listed in the post.
    I heard that few websites load 4 seconds faster in firefox than chrome. 4 seconds does not make any difference to me. Anyway the overall performance is good. I switched over back to firefox it has features which chrome doesn’t have.


  8. Tony says:

    But Matt…ie is made by microsoft. I rest my case. Firefox and the seo toolbar plugs for example still rule.

  9. Chrome is cool, but it just doesn’t have enough cool stuff to make it worth switching from firefox. i like it better than ie though

  10. I can’t trust Chrome even after they updated their EULA. Firefox is fine.

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  11. I have not even tries chrome yet as I have no need to since Firefox has all I need.

  12. Anyone know why Chrome doesn’t have any plugin support with it, such as the Google toolbar? I found this a little odd since the product belongs to Google itself.

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  13. Now that Chrome is out all I can say is I havnt looked at either of my other two browsers since… those being IE and FF

  14. I agree with Simon, I’m a bit wary of giving google to much information, if you have a gmail account and leave it logged in it already effects your search engine results. They say it is related to your previous searches.

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  15. JL@Acne Tips says:

    I’ve tried it out for a little while now and can’t find a reason to switch over to it. It is pretty slick, but it lacks features right now I’ve come to rely on. Maybe down the road, but for now I’m sticking with Firefox.

  16. I don’t see what all the fuss is about…Firefox does the trick…why would we want Google to have more information…just stay away I say.

  17. Someone posted the cartoon link below on a Dreamweaver email forum. It beautifully describes how thrilled I am about having yet another browser to fuss over:

  18. kapanpun says:

    The Official Google Blog announced that they’re releasing Google Chrome to over 100 countries tomorrow

  19. limeshot says:

    You know, I have KeywordLuv installed in order to avoid forcing people into using their keywords as name; but the bloody plugin sometimes displays the “this site uses keywordluv”, and sometimes it doesn’t. Weird.

    Anyways, based on what I read so far about Chrome, I think the Google guys aren’t releasing this as yet another little experiment a la Google Talk; I think this is a serious competitive move aimed squarely at Microsoft.

    As such, I think we’re in for a lot of cool features. And I think people will adopt it. And perhaps in a year’s time Firefox and Chrome might merge. Interesting possibilities, this will be a giants war…

  20. SEO/SEM blog says:

    Thanks for the news. Im also waiting for this Google release. We shall see if it has any chances to compete with Firefox and IE. Probably there will be hundreds of thousands of downloads at first, but will people actually use it after they see it?