Google Analytics: Advanced Segments – Beta Feature

on November 4th, 2008

Just noticed this late today – it wasn’t there in the morning. A new tab above my Google Analytics Dashboard – Advanced Segments, new Beta feature. Well, well, well; isn’t this interesting! So what does it look like?

Google Analytics – the new Advanced Segments feature

What does it do:

  • On a basic level, it filters statistics by a set of up to 4 criteria, the default ones including
    • All Visits
    • New Visitors
    • Returning Visitors
    • Paid Traffic
    • Non-paid Traffic
    • Search Traffic
    • Direct Traffic
    • Referral Traffic
    • Visits with Conversions
  • But where it gets really interesting is with the advanced segmentation.

Advanced Segmentation

You can segment by any combination of 1. Dimensions and 2. Metrics – conveniently available from a left hand side menu, as drag and drop tabs.

    Metrics and Dimensions

  • Dimensions are Visitors, Traffic sources, Content, E-Commerce and Systems.
  • Metrics: Site usage, E-Commerce, Content and Goals.
  • What’s the difference? Dimensions are qualitative (which pages, links, URLs, products, keywords etc). Metrics are quantitative (how many visits, minutes on site, clicks per keyword, product quantities, etc). Combined, they offer a powerful tool for detailed analysis, which put Google Analytics on par with some of the major commercial solutions.
  • Some interesting features: for any Dimension, the tool automatically offers as drop-down default options, such as the keywords/campaigns/URLs bringing most of the traffic, organic vs paid, page titles, or any relevant information available inside Google Analytics. Again, feature up to this poin only available in commercial packages.

Applying the filter to the default reports

The newly created filter – in the example bellow US customers whe arrived at the site via Google – can be applied to existing reports like so:

And this is what the Dashboard looks like after applying the filter.

Also note the “compare two metrics option”, new addition that allows for more granular analysis.

The same structure of information propagates to all reports, while the available metrics for comparison are automatically selected based on the type of report.

And this brings us to another new feature: Custom reports. But more about this tomorrow, when I would have had the chance to play with it a little.

And if you found this useful, don’t forget to Sphinn!

19 Responses to “Google Analytics: Advanced Segments – Beta Feature”

  1. Andrew says:

    Omniture isn’t cheap… that’s for sure!

  2. Andrew says:

    I tried using several of these segments and wasn’t really able to create anything useful out of them.

  3. David Lease says:

    Looking back, advanced segments was quite an important upgrade to analytics. Imagine a world without Google Analytics now? What would we do??? :-)

  4. IT Jobs says:

    I love analytics. I have also been playing with the Beta feature, Custom Reports. I am now experimenting with Advanced Segments options.

  5. The best way to watch over my own site, all the things including who from where how and what! that is really excellent, google is amazing us everyday with its new products!

  6. Google Analytics is such an amazing tool. It has become one of my favorite tools for analyzing just about everything on my web sites.

  7. F150 Guy says:

    This is why google is the numero UNO in search engine. Thanks for the explanation , it really helps.

  8. As we all know Google is full of surprise. Almost everyday there are new features all over the place. I find it hard to follow but actually these features are really good. Goggle is constantly updating and fixing whatever that is not right, which is good.

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  9. isbor says:

    I think i have to start using Google analytics, seems pretty good.

    isbor´s last blog post: Isbor site: [site]

  10. Van Leasing says:

    You’re not wrong about keeping track of Google’s updates and new features. It all gets quite bewildering – and when you add Yahoo and MSN into the mix it becomes nigh on impossible. I’m thinking of giving up….

  11. Google is always coming out with new things…it is hard to keep track actually!

  12. There are lots of cool new features magically appearing in GA lately – many in response to user requests. It’s good to see that GA are listening

  13. Prevodi says:

    You really have so many options. The problem is that there are really a lot programs which are hard to handle by one person.

  14. If Amazon and Google merged, the world would end -_-

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  15. Norhafidz says:

    Ah, didn’t notice it too. Thanks for reminding us ema :)
    going to check on it now

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  16. This is a great addition to analytics, hope to see the new features added as a lot of them are still under construction it seems.

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  17. yeah it will give us lot of help to improve our optimization

  18. Tertius says:

    Just when I was slowly getting used to analytics… This will help with new conversion tactics I’m trying to apply. Thanks! Didn’t catch it.

    Tertius´s last blog post: Getting website maintenance done… With a plan site: [site]