Creating compelling blog posts with Google Docs

on August 27th, 2008

I came across an interesting post regarding compelling copywriting today. The author is Bruce Allen of Marketing Catalyst, a marketer, consultant and professional speaker with quite a professional background.

Bruce talks about the ‘feel’ of a piece and the Flesch Reading Ease rating as important factors in making a piece of collateral efficient. I think the same reasoning can apply to blog posts as well, in order to make them compelling and enjoyable.

I personally never thought of running my posts through Google Docs’ Word Count tool. It does much more than Word’s equivalent function: it provides the Flesch Reading Ease rating of the given piece of text.

Brilliant, brilliant idea. I have been running this post through the Google Docs tool a few times to achieve a rating of 67.14 (scale is 0 to 100 and higher is better).

It seems I’m using very long sentences, that I had to shorten drastically. To improve. The rating. :))

So go ahead and read the original article, then have fun with the reading ease test. If nothing else it will teach you something about your writing style.

Original article: Two Things to Create More Compelling Collateral

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