Animation design – Kiwi!

on October 16th, 2008

I’m sure most of you know about this movie, it’s about two years old; still, every time I watch it I’m amazed by the quality of the animation and the beauty of the concept.

The creator is Dony Permedi, a freelance animator based in California who designed and animated the little kiwi bird so desperate to fly for his master thesis in animation, at The School of Visual Arts, New York.

The online success of the kiwi movie was phenomenal, with almost 20 million views on YouTube and a host of fans coming up with different endings, background music, etc. Moreover, it has been screened at some 12 movie festivals, including Cannes; and has got quite a bit of coverage, especially for a student project.

Personally, I think it’s brilliant and I felt like sharing it with you. So without further ado, here it is, the little kiwi bird:

For the people interested in the author, his contact details, resume and more examples of his work can be found at

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6 Responses to “Animation design – Kiwi!”

  1. I’m a big fan of animation. This is really well done. Dony has some serious skills!

  2. Aww that video was very good, amazing graphics on there, is there any more?

  3. Tertius says:

    Loved this the first minute I saw it.

    Don’t know (I’m not an animator) how great the animation is, but the clip as a whole really does it. It just gets what it needs to get, keeps you stuck to the screen.

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  4. I remember the ‘lonely girl’ youtube video which was a massive hit. Just goes to show the power of internet video and especially youtube. I think it’s not suprisingly the Kiwi vid was a massive hit, it’s hilarious.

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  5. limeshot says:

    Hi Alex,

    I think the story is what makes it brilliant, but the animation, the cuteness of the kiwi and the nicely chosen and timed music contribute to make it perfect.

    Must have been amazing to wake up one day realising your thesis project has made you world famous :)

  6. I just love this video but I haven’t seen it in a long time. My favorite part is when he ties the rope to around the tree and jumps through the knot, too damn cute.

    Not only are the graphics amazing, but the short-story emotional impact is amazing too.

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